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The Connecticut Whale's New Gilmour Girl

By, 10/08/18, 9:15AM EDT


GA's Tiberi Starts Her Pro Career in the NWHL

There was some winter and a little skating over the years, in the iconic Connecticut-based TV series the Gilmore Girls, but not much hockey.

To be fair, Luke did actually build a small rink for Lorelei and there was an episode called “ Face Off” with a hockey game as backdrop for one of Rory’s epiphanies. But Cetacean Nation thinks the show would have benefitted from the addition of a different kind of Gilmour Girl, one who plays hockey.

The Whale certainly agreed that adding a Gilmour Girl was a good idea for the Pod, and did just that.  So Fins Up and welcome, to our rookie defender: #5 Kim Tiberi, the newest Gilmour Girl in Connecticut. Understanding of course, that the Gilmour in Kim’s case refers to Gilmour Academy, a boarding and day school in Gates Mill, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

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