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Ohio Hockey Digest

Ohio Hockey Digest is your portal to everything hockey in Ohio - the only place you need to go on the web to find out what's going on with hockey teams from all levels in and around the Buckeye State.

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OHD is looking for writers to contribute content from the NHL down to youth hockey leagues.  If you are an aspiring hockey writer, please contact us!

Contact Ohio Hockey Digest

Contact Ohio Hockey Digest

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    2020 NCDC Combines Coming To Detroit and Chicago

    The United States Premier Hockey League announced on March 24 that, due to the coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, the originally scheduled NCDC Combine in Detroit (April 10-11) is postponed to a date to be determined. 

    The NCDC Combine in Chicago (May 1-2) is currently still on as planned, but the USPHL is monitoring this situation closely. Please check back frequently on for updates. 


    In order to fill some of the void during what is usually the best time of year for hockey, Ohio Hockey Digest is running a tournament-style competition to determine which ACHA team in Ohio has the best-looking jerseys.  A high school tournmament will follow beginning April 6.  The top two teams from each group, plus two wild cards, will advance to the head-to-head quarterfinals (fixed bracket) based on votes accrued by 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 29 when I sit down to watch Curb...The elimination rounds will be 48-hour voting windows.

    The New Albany Eagles get their hands on the Columbus District championship trophy for the first time in school history 

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